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GPS Farm Succession Guide

The 3 Key Issues Every Succession

Strategy Must Solve

Know the real issues that break up our family farms. 

Be challenged to look at farm succession from a different viewpoint.

Discover the road map that guides your farm succession to the right path.

What You Will  Learn

Farm Heir's Perspective

Farm heirs benefit from fairly consistent operating agreements while the parents are in control. That can change quickly when a parent is incapacitated or passes away. Discover the risks that jeopardize the operation between generations. 

Off-Farm Heir's Perspective

Most off-farm heirs are not looking to cause a problem for the farm operation. Yet every day they face their own family situation, goals, and financial concerns. Learn what may motivate someone to keep the land, or cause them to sell.

The Parents' Perspective

How does one define fair vs. equal when dividing up an estate? Will you focus on "market values" or "family values"? Is it possible for the kids to get along while keeping the farm in the family? Without taking the proper steps, their role can change from being a parent to being a referee in an instant. 

Putting It All Together

Does it make sense for the family farm to go into debt every generation as family members are bought out? How many times can that happen and still maintain a profitable operation? There is a step-by-step method to develop your farm successions strategy. Farm Estate GPS can be your guide.